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Masada World Wiki is a companion to the Masada World site. It is designed to be a place where people can post covers, scores, facts, or other miscellany about the tunes in the Masada books. John Zorn said famously that he wrote the Masada books to create a "new Jewish music." Masada World and this wiki are intended as tools to help this music hobble into public consciousness.

The Rules

  • Do not post any of the Tzadik recordings. Leave all potential lawsuits for sharing copyrighted material to the giants of YouTube and Facebook.
  • Please post *links* to your resources.


  • If any of you code geeks can help make this cool, let me know.


So far we have Balberith‎ - Briel‎‎ - Maspiel‎ - Omael‎ - Lumah‎‎ - Ziphim - Meholalot - Rachab

It's a start.