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Gomory: The Book of Angels, Volume 25

Book Two #36[edit]

Gomory: The Book of Angels, Volume 25



Text and Arrangement: Malika Zarra

Tassa mowa awr tallat
Tassa mowa awr tallat
Tidar lad ilint
Tinouraf d tnz gan zoud
Ad ighilan ghtafoukt
igh ifsi moun d issafin
Arigh lkmn igarawn
Ligh red kisn iri ntayri

Don’t worry my angel
Don’t worry my angel
The truth will appear
Injustice and lies
Are like snow that will melt in the sun.
They will join the rivers that will end in the ocean.
And quench the thirst of love.


one of the 70 childbed amulet angels


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